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Wooden Surface

8,000 feet above
sea level, the stakes could not be higher

A Secret Service officer asks counterinsurgency expert Peter Craig to bring his nephew home from Peru's Cordillera Blanca mountains, before the boy gets himself into trouble. Rejected by MI6 and with a point to prove, Jack Warne is investigating a volunteer community with revolution in the air, where little is as it seems.

As an international hostage crisis explodes around them, Craig and Warne find themselves fighting for their lives against a force of Tupamaros guerrillas, as the deadline for a fiendish ultimatum approaches.

Kindle button for Shadow of the Jaguar, by Kenneth Benton
Shadow of the Jaguar - Peru crime thriller
Snowy Mountain


"The story line, Tupamaros and guerrilla terrorists fighting the government forces, is strong and exciting, but what makes the book really fascinating are the scenes in the Peruvian high plateau and the Cordillera Blanca."
-- Daily Telegraph, 1973

“In a setting of impressive grandeur, Benton has placed a tightly woven set of complications and conflicts, ending with an equally grand climax. This author is becoming one of England’s best action-suspense writers.”

-- San Francisco Chronicle, 1974

“Events and geography blended well in today's Peru, with politics both protesting and orthodox. Three cheers for a churning story.”
-- The Times, 1973

“Ex-cop Peter Craig is sent out to see what one of his young countrymen on the scene has stumbled into. It’s a small war, as it turns out, in which the advantage keeps changing sides until the very last bang.”
-- New York Times Book Review, 1974

“Another entertaining story from a man who spent 31 years in the Foreign Service. Here is an adventure thriller featuring the dashing Peter Craig, an unofficial agent for MI6.”
-- Manchester Evening News, 1973

“Benton’s story of high adventure teems with excitement and drama among glaciers, precipitous peaks and the subversive activities of ruthless men.”
-- Oldham Chronicle, 1973

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