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Lisbon is a nest of spies.
Amanda is a mass of contradictions.
Peter Craig is running out of time.

A British diplomat's daughter is missing, and security specialist Peter Craig must track her down before a scandal erupts.

The case soon descends into a web of murder and espionage, with the KGB and the secret police both hot on Craig's heels, an international incident brewing, and a dangerous case of conflicting loyalties.


Will Craig live to regret helping the Embassy save face?

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Skyline at Night

Reviews of Sole Agent 

"Benton is one of those leisurely Englishmen who has a civilised, cultured style, and who knows how to get the reader involved in a complicated chess game of competing secret agencies."
--New York Times Book Review, 1972

"Mr Benton's Peter Craig is as resourceful as he is likeable and tough...lots of action and some nice, crisp talk."
-- Oxford Times, 1970

"International indiscretions in Lisbon, with an intriguing mixture of Russian spies, Portuguese secret police and ingenuous revolutionary groups."
-- Glasgow Herald, 1971

“Competent and tense to the last page.”
-- Belfast Telegraph, 1971

“An exciting and determinedly topical spy novella.”
-- The Scotsman, 1971

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