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Revolution in the air. Panic in the city.
Blood in the streets.

"A tall man with a great red beard pulled a gun from his pocket, and fired deliberately at the back of a policeman who was struggling to control his horse. From the corner of his eye Craig saw him drop from the saddle, but he was watching red-beard, who was already elbowing his way back through the crowd. On the way, the beard vanished, and the man who issued from the crowd was clean-shaven."

Counter-terrorism expert Peter Craig is in Tunis, working with a Tunisian security service that is reeling from an epidemic of raids on banks, armouries and medical stores, and street protests that are becoming increasingly violent.

Kidnapped by insurgents and rescued in brutal fashion by mysterious vigilantes, Craig realises there are several agendas at work, and the instigators are as likely to be found at the Embassy parties his government host as in the street battles he's tasked with preventing.

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Tunisian Tangle - Middle East crime thriller

Reviews of CRAIG AND The Tunisian Tangle

"Benton’s inside knowledge of counter-insurgency gives Craig and the Tunisian Tangle that bit of extra interest which makes a book stand out."
-- Daily Telegraph, 1974

"An enjoyable, convincing tale of high adventure."
-- West Lancashire Evening Gazette, 1974

"The plot is full of action, most of it amid romantic Tunisian settings. Mr Benton is versatile and resourceful in devising plots and counterplots, and is making these revolutionary thrillers a genre of his own—with great success!"
-- South Wales Argus, 1974

“Craig is an example of diplomacy in the suspenseful, action-packed world of international intrigue.”
-- Reading for Pleasure, 1975

“This skilfully exciting story contains a good severe pill under its sugar … considerably enjoyable, and as such will popularize its ideas.”
– H.R.F. Keating, The Times, 1974

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