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Wooden Surface

Dry heat, black gold, cold blood

In the Gulf state of Jubayl, the Emir's son and heir is found murdered beneath a drilling rig, on the eve of a huge oil deal.

British security specialist Peter Craig finds himself seconded to help find the killer. Craig's instincts say the prime suspect has been framed, but his word has little weight in a fragile kingdom where justice must be seen to be done - and swiftly.

Unravelling the dead Sheikh's network of spies, lovers and rivals leads Craig through nightclubs, soukhs and sidestreets, to a deadly confrontation on the rig where it all began.

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The Midas Touch - Gulf crime thriller
Gold Liquid

Reviews of

“Craig is an example of diplomacy in the suspenseful, action-packed world of international intrigue.”
– Reading for Pleasure, 1975

"Oil, sex and dastardly schemes galore speed on this good tale."
– Current Crime, 1975

"Peter Craig, diplomatic whizz-kid with expertise in counter-subversion, mixes it with fanatics in a Middle East emirate after one of the ruler’s family is hit; oil-spun wealth, power and corruption much to the fore in this entertaining romp."
– Yorkshire Post, 1975

"Interesting types and oil technology, action and surprise switches, all adeptly controlled in a tale that bubbles nicely along."
– Oxford Times, 1975

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